Zoom In: Photography Tips When Capturing Nature in Canada

Canadian nature is easily one of the most beautiful things to capture under the lens. Not to mention, the country is known for its cold winter season, which could be a good subject for Canada photography. Whether you are an amateur, on a trip to the North American country, or a professional photographer, you surely can’t pass the chance to click on your trusted camera to take a few pictures or more of the best in Canadian nature.

Many amateurs want their photos to appear as if they were taken by professionals. Many even invest on pro cameras and other photography accessories just so they get that perfect picture. If you are one of these people, know that aside from expensive gadgets or a little bit of photo editing, there are ways that you could make a nature photo stand-out.

The Tombstone Territorial Park, Avalon Peninsula, Toronto Waterfront, Notre Dame Basilica
and Canadian winter can look alive in pictures if you try the following tips.

  1. ENSNARE THE EYES. Capturing the viewer’s attention to look at the scene is one of the most efficient ways to make your photo outstanding. Use visual elements to do this. For example, in terms of Canada and photography, a picture of the snow-capped Whistler in Manitoba can lead a viewer’s eye in by using the snowy slopes to highlight the visual progression of the view which makes the viewer explore the entire picture from a near-to-far viewing.
  2. ESTABLISH A FOREGROUND. Foregrounds are useful in the sense that they add depth to the picture and can streamline chaotic landscapes. Take the Toronto Skyline as an example. At night, the city is beaming with lit buildings
  3. which could look great in photos. However, the scene could look one-dimensional if you don’t use a foreground. A good way to add depth to the picture is to capture the skyline from the other side of the Toronto Waterfront. The body of water will reflect the lit landscape, thus creating the extra punch the photo needs.
  4. SHOOT REPEATING PATTERNS. It is said that people like to look at patterns because it gives them the feel of organization. Therefore, if there is a pattern in the photo, viewers tend to stare at each repeated element. You can do this by having colors or shapes repeated at some of the objects found in the picture. For instance, a photo of Fogo Island becomes more interesting if there are more than one boats found floating on body of water.
  5. HAVE A FOCAL POINT. Having a focal point does not just mean shooting a house filled with Christmas lights then it’s done. Think of how you can make the house stick out in the picture. Zoom out a little on the surroundings. Take a shot of the icy cold snowy background. The pale winter landscape will emphasize your subject, which is the house adorned with merry lights.
  6. BUILD VISUAL ENERGY. There are some methods which can allow viewers to feel that there is a sense of energy in the photo. Lines and shapes pointing in opposite directions could create some energy. Just be sure that there is a balance in the picture. There may be too much going on in one side and not the other.

Consider these tips when you visit Canada and try some photography there. The country is filled with so many landmarks you can visit and capture through your camera lens.